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San Antonio Creek Spreading Grounds Rehabilitation Project
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Watershed Protection Map
Army Corp of Engineers
Ojai Green Coalition
Ojai Land Conservancy

Notice of Public Hearing

Invasive pests
• pose an ongoing threat to California agriculture. The site is the online presence of the Hungry Pests coalition.

Basin Status

OBGMA Status Reports
• January 29, 2015 (pdf)

OBGMA Extended Model Simulations 1970 to 2013

OBGMA Extended Model Simulations 2013-mid 2014

OBGMA Extended Model Simulations mid 2014-2020

Static Water Levels

• Watershed Maps (pdf)

Ojai observations (NOAA)

Basin Key Well Report
June 2014

About the Ojai Basin
The OBGMA is responsible for managing the Ojai Valley Groundwater Basin. The basin is bounded on the west and east by
nonwater-bearing Tertiary age rocks, on the south by the Santa Ana fault and the Sulphur Mountain Range, and Black Mountain and on the north by the Topatopa Mountains. The basin is drained by Thacher and San Antonio Creeks to the Ventura River. Average annual precipitation ranges from 20 to 24 inches. In order to carry out its mission of preserving the quality and quantity of the groundwater the OBGMA must have a comprehensive understanding of the hydrology of the basin obtained through Monitoring, Data Collection, Well Registration and Extraction Measurement.
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Reports & Forms

Budget Resolution 2014-15
Final Component Report on the V-2 Project
Annual Report 2012

Audit 2013

Budget Report
Resolution 1 2013
Resolution 2 2013
Resolution 1 2014
Resolution 2 2014
Resolution 3 2014
Resolution 4 2014

Permit Application
Recordation Forms
Well Registration Form

OBG Management Plan 2007
Management Plan Update 5-24-2007