It is the mission of the Ojai Basin Groundwater Management Agency to preserve the quantity and quality of groundwater in the Ojai Basin in order to protect and maintain the long-term water supply for the common benefit of the water users in the Basin.

The mission of the OBGMA is derived from its enabling legislation, The Ojai Basin Groundwater Management Agency Act, which became law in 1991. The act was approved as a response to the needs and concerns of local water agencies, water users, and well owners of the Ojai Basin. The Agency was established in the fifth year of a drought, amidst concerns for potential Basin overdraft. The mission is in keeping with the history of the Basin and the circumstances existing when the Agency was formed. Since that time, although there have been some good water years and the Ojai Basin has continued to provide sufficient water for its well owners, competition for scarce water resources in Southern California and Ventura County is ever expanding, water resource planning is intensifying, and the importance of the OBGMA mission is even greater today.