Water Levels

Groundwater levels in the Ojai Basin are monitored regularly by both the Ojai Basin Groundwater Management Agency (OBGMA) and the Ventura County Watershed Protection District (VCWPD). The water level hydrograph below is from the key monitoring well in the Ojai Basin, and reflects 67 years of depth to water measurement.

Three-scales-of-key-well-hydrograph-8-16-1 Depth To Water

Continuous Water Level Record Key Well.

Continuous Water Level Record Key Well March 2016

The water levels at the key well on August 29, 2016 are now at 264.75ft. This is about two feet lower then last year’s nadir, but interestingly the trend appears to be heading upward, as static water levels were about 3.3 feet lower on August 24, 2016.

Further monitoring will clarify, but it appears that conservation efforts and favorable temperature and humidity patterns may be helping the basin storage through this summer.

Regardless, water levels and basin storage are well above the three historic low water years of 1965 (280 ft to water), 1961 (285 ft to water), and 1951 (312 ft to water).

OBGMA Monitoring

The OBGMA collects continuous groundwater level and temperature data via data loggers in five production wells and the San Antonio Creek Spreading Grounds depth discrete monitoring well. These data are used by the agency to better understand and manage the basin, such as through the development and calibration of groundwater hydrology models.

VCWPD Monitoring

The VCWPD collects groundwater level data four times per year from 18 monitoring wells in the basin. Most of the wells monitored are privately owned. Regular monitor­ing by VCWPD began in 2005, though some records go back to the 1950s. The VCWPD produces an annual report summarizing well-monitoring data, well levels, and water quality.