DWR Approves Basin Boundary Modification

On July 1, 2016 the Ojai Basin Groundwater Management Agency was notified by the Department of Water Resources that it’s request for Modification of the boundaries of the Ojai Basin was approved. Public meetings will be held by the Department July 12 through 15 to present the Boundary Modification results to the public and receive final comments. It is expected the boundary modification will be finalized in early September. See the comments and web links from the Department of Water Resources following this introduction.

OBGMA Basin Boundary Modification Figures 1-3 2016

This is a notice that a Communicator message has been submitted in the BBMRS for you to review and reply to, if necessary. The Communicator is a means for modification request specific requests or response between the DWR and the Requesting Agency only.

Summary of the request:
Potential Basin(s)/Subbasin(s): 4-02
Requesting Agency: Ojai Basin Groundwater Management Agency
Type(s) of Modification: Scientific External
Short Description: To modify Bulletin 118 boundary of the Ojai Basin to be consistent with the geological boundary.

Summary of the comment:
Commenter Name: Jack Tung
Comments: This communication is intended to inform you that your basin boundary modification request has been approved by the Department. The draft approved basin boundaries for Bulletin 118 will be posted on-line and included in the Basin Boundary Assessment Tool (https://gis.water.ca.gov/app/bbat/) for your review. The Department will be holding public meetings to present these results and hear any final comments on July 12 through 15. See the Basin Boundary webpage for details (http://www.water.ca.gov/groundwater/sgm/basin_boundaries.cfm). The California Water Commission will hear and comment on the draft modifications on the July 21 meeting. The boundary modifications will be finalized during early September. Thank you, Jack Tung

Please click http://sgma.water.ca.gov/basinmod/basinrequest/preview/30 to view details on this submittal.
Please visit http://sgma.water.ca.gov/basinmod for more information on the submitted request.

SGM Program Implementation Team,
California Department of Water Resources
The State of California