Well Drilling Moratoriums
in Effect


Ventura County Unincorporated Areas

In October 2014, the Ventura County Board of Supervisor’s adopted an urgency ordinance establishing a temporary moratorium on new wells in most areas of the county, including the unincorporated areas of the Ojai Basin. The ordinance became effective immediately.

The well moratorium will be lifted by the County when a groundwater sustainability plan for that basin has been filed with the state. The moratorium contains some exceptions, such as for existing well repair or replacement if there is no increase in well capacity.


City of Ojai

In October 2014, the City of Ojai passed a temporary well moratorium, which was extended in December 2014 to October 2015. The moratorium is intended to slow the extraction of water from the ground until the Ojai Basin Groundwater Management Agency can analyze current usage and prepare a groundwater sustainability plan to help protect supplies.



Water Well Permit Application (no fee)
New extraction facilities to be constructed within OBGMA boundaries must first receive a (no fee) Water Well Permit from OBGMA. This permit must be issued before the required local government well permit will be issued (from the Ventura County Watershed Protection District, if the well is in the unincorporated county, or the City of Ojai, if the well is in the city).

Quarterly Groundwater Extraction Statement
A Quarterly Groundwater Extraction Statement must be submitted, with payment, four times a year by each groundwater extraction facility operator within OBGMA boundaries. Statement due dates and reporting periods: Feb 1 (for Oct 1 – Dec 31), May 1 (for Jan 1 – Mar 31), Aug 1 (for Apr 1 – Jun 30), and Nov 1 (for Jul 1 – Sep 30). A signed original statement must be filed on or before the indicated statement due date. Please report the extraction amount for the reporting period in acre-feet. Note: a minimum fee is due each quarter regardless of pumping amounts. Personal information contained in these forms are confidential (California Government Code 6255(a)).

Form for Registration of Groundwater Extraction Facilities
All groundwater extraction facilities within OBGMA boundaries must be registered with the agency.

Form for Meter Registration
Operators of groundwater extraction facilities must equip each extraction facility with a waterflow measuring device and report installation of the measuring device to OBGMA.

First Notice of Groundwater Extraction
Pursuant to California Water Code, those persons who have aggregate groundwater extractions of more than 25 acre-feet (or 10 acre-feet or more from a single source) must file an annual report of their extractions to the state. OBGMA takes care of this reporting requirement on behalf of groundwater extraction facilities within its boundaries. In order to get registered with the state, however, a “First Notice of Groundwater Extraction” form must be completed for each new well.